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Welcome to AMC23

We are a company that manages assets in a completely innovative way. We use the best solutions thanks to technology based on cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, the latest tools, cryptocurrency exchanges and staking options. In our work, we use trading tools provided by Binance, Coinbase, 3Commas, FTX and decentralized exchanges such as UNISWAP or PancakeSwap. Our traders diversify your investments thanks to our vast experience, we are able to provide stable profits that we offer in our investment plans. Our team consists of competent people, the best in their fields, and the safety of your funds is our priority. After registering on our website, you get the opportunity to invest and get a completely passive income. We also offer a referral program that gives you the chance to earn extra money by inviting others to use our platform.  Read More

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We offer two investment plans depending on investment amount.


30 Days Investment

4% daily profit

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Starts from $25
Maximum Deposit: $4999.99
Principal Return
Earnings in all calendar days
220% ROI (120% Net Profit)
Cancel Deposit at any time*

40 Days Investment

5% daily profit

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Starts from $5000
Maximum Deposit: $250,000
Principal Return
Earnings in all calendar days
300% ROI (200% Net Profit)
Cancel Deposit at any time*
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